Blue ocean. Today’s uneventful day began with Jose returning the plates I delivered the food on last night. Ticos are known for not being very good liars so when he told me that the whole family loved the steak and fixings I knew they really did enjoy it. I got up a little late today, like 7 or so, not sure why but maybe it’s because I have been watching the show The Walking Dead on my iPad. Go ahead and say it, yes I know, I brought technology to the jungle but it gets lonely up here sometimes! Bad zombie nightmares is what I chalk up my lack of sleep to. Today was my last full day to get things done around the house before Sarah comes tomorrow so I started as soon as I finished my power breakfast. Mid morning I made some microwave nachos to hold me over, cleaned up a bit and headed to pick up my led lamps, remember those? I get to Ventanas and guess what? They are not in yet. Funny how I predicted this on Friday. I then head to pick up my second load and guess what? They are are not ready either. I gave the guy an extra day and was told they should be done tomorrow. This is the surprise for Sarah so this here Gringo better see some results tomorrow! I head back to the house, do a few more things, decide I’m too lazy to cook for myself tonight and head down to El Jardin for some 4$ mahi dinner. Can’t beat that. I gotta get up early tomorrow, Jose and I are venturing into the jungle to try and find something I want for the house. Another Sarah surprise. Nothing really special today other than when driving down to Uvita I pulled over to take this pic of the ocean. I have been coming down here since 2005 and I have never seen the ocean this blue before. (remember pic was taken with crappy cell phone) It was spectacular. I hope I never get like some people who live in places like this and forget how special and beautiful it really is. I don’t want to ever take what’s here for granted.
Every time a small plane flies over head little Oscar says “Sarah, Sarah! “. He absolutely adores her. He’s going to be one happy kid tomorrow when she arrives. I think the jury is still out on me. It took him 2 days to smile and wave back to me. It was worth the wait though.

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