Grass and a Toucan

Well the original plan for this weekend was to try to take it easy and hit the beach at least once. I woke up today feeling a tad bit guilty about my long nap the day before andĀ figured I should try to get a few things done in the morning then head to the beach for BBQ and sun the rest of the day. Today I woke to a gorgeous sunny yet delightfully breezy morning. A morning I have yet to experience here yet. I eat my bowl of Fruit Loops ( the box does have Toucan Sam on it and we have toucans all over the property so I’m thinking basically I’m eating jungle food! ) and head down to tackle some issues I am having with my security cameras. I am now convinced that the companies that manufacture these cameras are all located in sunny California where no weather extremes whatsoever are present during their testing of product. Heat and cold in Texas kills equipment and 100% humidity and rain kills equipment here. Anyways, after 4 or so hours I get everything done just in time for lunch BBQ at the beach… Well my beautiful morning turned into a down pour at lunchtime. I think Sarah cursed me on this, jealous of my extra days here, but I can’t very well pin this rain on her ( it rains a lot in Costa Rica ! ). I knock out a few more tasks around the house and head to Palmar Norte to grab some fresh chicken and vegetables. I buy an extra bird for Jose and a huge melon for dessert for the kids and deliver in person to check out the new grass we just got installed around his house. Jose’s house was surrounded with that nasty red dirt and getting anywhere near it got you muddy as all hell. Now imaging 5 little kids living in a house surrounded by red mud all year round. Needless to say Marta their Mom was washing clothes and tiny feet 24/7. Jose tells me that the 2 year old Oscar was so happy about the grass he ran around the house barefoot 5 or 6 times the day it was installed. That made all the expense and time worth it for me right there. Grass makes kids happy here, nothing short of a Nintendo DS 3d whatever makes kids happy in the States. I think somebody has got life all backwards…

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