We began traveling to Costa Rica in 2005. Soon there after we began a search for a location to build a vacation home, a dream home, a place like nothing we could never have back in Texas. The Southern zone attracted us the most for several reasons. First of all it’s the greenest most lush part of the country we could find. Secondly, the area while having a thriving tourist economy is not overrun with tourists. The beaches are not crowded and there are no mega hotels to be found. It has almost a small town feel to us. That might change in the future but for now, this area is our slice of paradise.

We built the Casita first and enjoyed it until we could figure out what we really wanted with the rest of the property. It came to us that building a huge house was not what we wanted. We wanted room for family an friends but just enough room. Both houses have an open floor plan allowing togetherness and a real sense of family. While this is not for everyone, it’s what we wanted and it has served us well. Because we still live in the real world back in Texas our visits are limited to vacation time from work and school. We decided very recently that we wanted to extend to friends an open invitation to stay here. So if you are reading this we hope someday you will come down to Costa Rica and stay in our mountain paradise.

Sarah and Paul



High Season typically runs from December to May. Weather in our area runs from the 70’s at night to high 80’s sometimes even low 90’s during the hottest part of the summer. Humidity always runs high because after all, we are in the rain forest! You can expect an occasional rain, usually in the afternoon or night time. Low Season is often called the Rainy Season or now for the tourist industry Green Season. It typically runs from May to December. During this time you can expect rain most days but usually late afternoon and night. A lot of frequent travelers to our area prefer this time of year for several reasons. Less people, cooler days and nights, greener foliage , and discounted rates on hotels,rentals and activities. Adventures like white water rafting and Whale watching are much better during these times as well. October is usually the rainiest here. You can really experience a true rain forest down pour in October. After all, the rain is what makes our area the most lush tropical forest in all of Costa Rica.




We are located in what is called the Southern Zone. Southwest Pacific coast of Costa Rica. Some call the area Costa Ballena (Whale Coast for the migrating whales often seen in the waters). We are a 3-4 hour drive from the international airport in San Jose. We currently have no neighbors and even if someday other houses go up, they won’t be seen from our property. Our nearest neighbors are way across the valley. Montaña Paraiso is the perfect secluded getaway but still close enough to stores and other necessities. We will send privately the exact location of property after booking is made.