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I’m going to cheat here and lump a few days into one post and to make it even lamer, I’m going to do a top 10 list. 
        Top 10 Things I Love About Life Here in Costa Rica
10. Sunrises
We have tried to capture what the view looks like from our bed when the sun rises over the mountain tops and a new day springs to life but the photos and videos can’t even come close. I think Robbie is the only person besides us to have enjoyed it (I woke him up so he wouldn’t miss it!)
9. Sunsets
There are no two alike here. We often rush home just so we can catch the sunset from our deck. Again, it’s one of those things we have tried to capture but to no avail.
8. Sounds of the Jungle
There’s never a quiet moment here. All day and all night insects, critters and creatures of the sky make noise. Some sing, some chirp, some croak, some buzz, some squawk, some grunt, some howl and occasionally we hear one of Jose’s kids shreek with laughter.
7. Beaches
We have over 13 gorgeous beaches within a 30 minute drive down from our house. They are also different from one another in more ways than you can count. We have our favorites but still have more to explore.
6. Fresh Food
Forget about your Central Markets and Whole Foods people. There’s nothing truly fresh about either of those places. Fruits and vegetables can take weeks to arrive and fish is 2 days out if you’re lucky. Here you can buy fruits and vegetables from the farmers, meat from the ranchers and fish from the fishermen who bring their catches in every morning. That brings me to another silly phrase we city slickers love to throw around “organic”.  The stuff we buy (or sometimes grab from the jungle) here doesn’t need a label or a hefty price mark up to be called organic. It just is.
5. The People (Ticos)
Friendly is an understatement . Once you get past the fact that things move at a slower pace down here you begin to understand why Ticos are the way they are. There’s no rush to get anything done and they will never tell you No. The second part is somewhat frustrating because never saying No doesn’t necessarily mean Yes. Ticos just don’t like to say No. 
4. Waterfalls
I never thought I would enjoy something so much that nearly freezes you to death but I love waterfalls. We have quite a few nearby and have only been to about a third of them. Remember the word “Fresca”? Well, that’s the feeling you get after dunking in the fast moving and frigid clear water of a waterfall. Can’t wait to find the rest of them!
3. Hammock Time
One of the single best purchases I have ever made. I bought this one from a company in New Hampshire and snuck in into my surfboard bag on a flight down. Lounging in it has become one of my favorite ways to relax and enjoy the surroundings here.
2. Sharing This Place
Being able to bring friends and family down here and showing them as much of this place as we can is like rediscovering it all over again. We find ourselves going to visit new places just so we can later bring someone from back home . It gives us a great excuse to do more exploring and try new places to eat!
1. Home
We both noticed back a few trips ago that it no longer feels like we are just visiting Costa Rica anymore. Right from leaving the airport and heading to the South we feel like we belong here. Nothing really feels strange or out of place to us. This place is now Home.

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